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Pricing & Info

Wedding Reception:

Solo - $950

2 piece - $1450

3 piece - $1950

4 piece - $2450


We will supply all our own sound and lighting equipment.

We usually play 2 sets – 3 hours in total with 1 break in between. We can change this to 3 shorter sets if you would prefer but our number 1 goal is to keep you dancing all night and we find that less breaks work best.

I/we can learn your first dance song plus I suggest choosing a few songs that you and/or your fiancé(e) really like and we can try and learn a selection of them. If there's a song that the wedding party like we can try to learn them as well. This is of course dependent on whether they're suitable but it usually makes the night more fun when you guys get to hear some songs that you have a special connection to. Of course it's not necessary, I've been playing at weddings for years so we try to cover all the bases with our song selections.


I play solo gigs quite regularly around Dunedin so if you would like to come to a gig it's a good way to get a rough idea of what I do. I use a loop pedal plus some effects so if the solo option is more preferable I can still get a dance floor going with a full sound

Also, If you would like some music during the wedding service or during the canapés section I'm usually available. 

Generally for most weddings the ceremony is $450 which includes any time to learn the songs plus set up and pack down of equipment. Most weddings will have some music for the entrance, the signing of the registry and the exit song. I'm happy to discuss any options around this as well in order to cater to your tastes.


For the canapés the cost is $450 for the first set which lasts an hour and an extra $250 for each additional set or hour. Most couples book two hours of music during the canapés portion of the day as this gives you enough time to get your photos taken and usually leads nicely up to when you and your guests will be seated for dinner.

In order to confirm any booking a 20% deposit is required to lock the date in.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions about any of the above.

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