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They Were A Loner


They Were a Loner are a downtempo and meditative electronica act who use live and programmed instruments to evoke memories of mistakes you’ve made in the past.


Singer / Guitarist: Alan Gray
Guitarist / Producer: Mark Long


At times flirting between the darker side of Massive Attack and a twisted version of The Blue Nile, They Were a Loner explore the depths that unhealthy relationships go to on their forthcoming debut album ‘Superluminal’ with songs that come from a corner of a room.

They Were a Loner started as a recording project spanning half the circumference of the world as singer and songwriter Alan Gray was based in New Zealand for the last 11 years and Producer Mark Long is based in Galway, Ireland. Forthcoming album ‘Superluminal’ was recorded and produced during Alan’s visits home, putting the pieces together from short demos sent back and forth between them.

“They Were A Loner have created a beautiful dreamscape of atmospheric sounds. Their songs are like living embodiment of dreams, full of horror, despair, hope, and emotion. The album - despite being created primarily by two artists half a world apart retains a vibrant 'live' feel. The pair's collaborative creativity is further shown in the dream-like video for Ten Thousand Feet, created with animator Simon Reilly, which features a child taking a plane flight.”
Laura Coates - Leinster Leader

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